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Fraternal Programs

Membership with NMB provides many benefits outside of the financial security that your life insurance policy or annuity can offer. As a member, you have access to many opportunities and programs through your local service chapter or "branch." For more information or to get involved with your local fraternal branch contact us at:

Social Outlets for Family Fun

We believe in promoting a positive family life for our members. Local branches hold organized activities that bring families together to have fun and create positive memories. Activities include picnics, water park outings, and theatre and sporting events, often at discounted rates. These activities give members and their families the opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and build bonds between families.

Family Volunteer Opportunities

NMB’s branches hold activities that focus on families volunteering together. Volunteering as a family promotes strong families and maximizes quality family time. Volunteering not only improves the quality of life for those who receive the benefits, but also for those who volunteer. It teaches young people responsibility and resourcefulness and shows them that caring for others is a way to give back to their community and share happiness.

Community Outreach

Our branches participate in service projects in their communities. Through the Community Outreach Grant Program, branches are able to support community improvement activities, fundraising activities to assist individuals in need, and assist other nonprofit organizations.

Educational Programs

Local branches periodically host educational events about a variety of different topics ranging from identity theft protection to household recycling programs. Guest speakers share their knowledge in small group settings designed to engage participants and allow for audience participation.

Patriotic Programs

Patriotism and honoring our nation’s flag have been a foundation of National Mutual Benefit's mission since the very beginning. Our organization offers many patriotic programs, both nationally and through local fraternal branches. For more information on our patriotic programs click here.
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