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Bi-Weekly Benefit Plan

The Bi-Weekly Benefit Plan can give you peace of mind knowing your family and home will be protected if the unthinkable happens. This unique program uses a bi-weekly payment structure to fund a universal life insurance policy and pay your mortgage at the same time.

The features of NMB’s Bi-Weekly Benefit Plan include:

  • Minimizes the number of bills you pay by combining your mortgage and life insurance payments
  • Payments coincide with a bi-weekly pay schedule for convenient budgeting
  • Works for any mortgage loan, old or new
  • No refinancing, re-qualifying, credit checks, or closing costs necessary

Bi-Weekly Benefit Plan forms:

 · 2017 NMB Bi-Weekly Draft Schedule

 · 2018 NMB Bi-Weekly Draft Schedule

 · Bi-Weekly Benefit Plan Notification of Change

Form W0714 rev. 10/12/2017