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Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society that offers life insurance and annuity products. As a fraternal benefit society, National Mutual Benefit is classified as a 501(c)(8) tax-exempt organization that must organize its members into social lodges called branches.

What We Do

National Mutual Benefit makes a special point to be active in the communities where our members live. Every member is geographically separated into branches that are the focal point of NMB’s charitable mission. NMB utilizes internal funds to manage, promote, and assist these branches in completing charitable work in their communities.

NMB's Common Bond

Our members share a common bond and desire to strengthen families, improve communities, and assist others. Through local fraternal chapters, members work to make these goals a reality in a variety of ways. A few examples include: fundraisers for individuals and families; American flag donations to local non-profits; park and highway cleanups; blood and food drives; and assisting seniors.

Our Mission Statement

As a fraternal benefit society, our mission is to provide meaningful fraternal programs and benefits for our members as well as high quality insurance products and services. We strengthen our members fraternally through charitable, educational, and volunteer programs that encourage family values, help improve communities, support patriotism for our country, and help others in need.

National Mutual Benefit has never lost sight of its motto of People Helping People in Time of Need.

What is a Fraternal Benefit Society?

A fraternal benefit society is a not-for-profit, member-owned organization that offers both life insurance protection and additional benefits such as scholarships, discounted programs, and social, educational and leadership opportunities.

Many fraternals were founded for a specific ethnic, religious or vocational purpose. Others share the bonds of charity or patriotism. Fraternals help create a greater sense of community by inspiring their members to engage in worthwhile volunteer experiences.

Fraternal benefit societies play a vital role in our communities. With more than nine million members in approximately 37,000 local chapters, members of fraternal benefit societies comprise one of the largest networks of member-volunteer networks anywhere. Fraternalists volunteer nearly 100 million hours annually through more than seven million community service events in the United States.
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